About Me

Social Cycling

I really enjoy cycling, it's a sport that has come to me in the later part of my life, but that's ok. I've entered some competitive and social events and while not expecting to win any, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I get a great buzz just by riding, and I don't ride enough because most days I'm pretty lazy :)

Hobby Electronics

Always had a thing for hobby electronics from an early age. Over the last couple of years been playing around with an Arduino Uno, and built a unique automatic cat feeder. I must recreate this project and along the same principle but more robust (it was destroyed by a neighbours cat). Currently I'm working on solar designs with corresponding battery storage projects. This is the kitchen table after 1 days incomplete experimental idea. Trouble being as I work on 1 idea another pops into my head, the original project gets pushed aside. 2nd picture shows my home made power supply.


This is the reason why I have redesigned my blog. YouTube Ads have become so intrusive they make watching video's impossible. Currently vidme is totally ad-free and I hope it remains so. The old blog linked to YouTube video's and so have been removed from this blog. Likewise all the video's I have created and uploaded to YouTube have been deleted. I love the tipping part of this website, really cool.
Linux Mint

My favorite Linux distribution for many years now. Currently I'm using 17.3 Rosa Xfce. I've done all my video editing using linux programs and bash scripts. Once I finally get around to learning how GIMP works, I should be able to create really good video content.

It is so good to get back into blogging, time to make this blog sing!

Sony HDR CX-405 Stabilization Test

[ ----- Play Video ----- ] I've been meaning to do this a long time ago. Cheapest camera in this range and the first to have the i...