Sunday, 23 April 2017

Thoughts on becoming a Vlogger

I'm thinking of starting a vlog on Vidme, started experimenting with the likes of Kdenlive video editor, Audacity audio editor, Gimp image manipulation editor, bash scripting as shown on previous posts. So apart from content the next dozen or so video's is just me setting up a workable template that reflects on who I am. My journey begins .....

Just in the last few days I learned how to create effective titles using Gimp, also layering the Vidme Logo onto an image, just these small feats alone got me excited. It's the little things LoL.

I'm using the "Impact Condensed" font here, and the 2 default colours White(FG) Black(BG) seems to work well with any thumbnail. Sample below:-

Now this was the hardest part, syncing the video (where you change a scene) to the next beat of the song in Kdenlive. This well definitely take me a long time to master.

The latest video is not really good, I used wrong cuts in places especially when there was too much camera shake. The audio syncing was bad, more so near the latter stages of the video. The TimeLapse subject once again was wrong, a clear blue day is not very exciting. Finally the video was too long, it should never be longer than the chosen song, a bit more cutting was needed but I got lazy.

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