Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cycle Ride 22Apr17 Golf Course Summit

Great day for a ride, bad day using clouds in a TimeLapse. I got better road footage but I still need to concentrate on avoiding camera shake. The audio syncing started of well, became messy towards the end.

I've made a few important changes for this video. Changed the Sony HDR-CX405 from 50i to 50p setting. Changed the TimeLapse render from 25fps to 30fps.. Changed Kdenlives output to 30fps. Final video produced: 1080p @ 30fps.

Thoughts on becoming a Vlogger

I'm thinking of starting a vlog on Vidme, started experimenting with the likes of Kdenlive video editor, Audacity audio editor, Gimp image manipulation editor, bash scripting as shown on previous posts. So apart from content the next dozen or so video's is just me setting up a workable template that reflects on who I am. My journey begins .....

Just in the last few days I learned how to create effective titles using Gimp, also layering the Vidme Logo onto an image, just these small feats alone got me excited. It's the little things LoL.

I'm using the "Impact Condensed" font here, and the 2 default colours White(FG) Black(BG) seems to work well with any thumbnail. Sample below:-

Now this was the hardest part, syncing the video (where you change a scene) to the next beat of the song in Kdenlive. This well definitely take me a long time to master.

The latest video is not really good, I used wrong cuts in places especially when there was too much camera shake. The audio syncing was bad, more so near the latter stages of the video. The TimeLapse subject once again was wrong, a clear blue day is not very exciting. Finally the video was too long, it should never be longer than the chosen song, a bit more cutting was needed but I got lazy.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Cycle Ride 14Apr17 Waterworks Wainui NZ

Planning on using my Vidme channel as a Vlog channel, slowly sorting out a template to use. My idea is to have a cycle ride as a background with a PnP video of me vlogging. There has been feedback about the quality of this video which I'm hoping the cause points to the Sony Cameras setting of Frame rate 50i.

This leads to another test which hopefully coincides with the arrival of my new microphone. It's going to be fun working out how to put everything together.

2nd TimeLapse Experiment

This short Timelapse 16sec video was taken just outside our house. I also used Kdenlive's Pan & Zoom feature to add a little bit of dynamic movement.

The pan and zoom settings was easy to set up. Just go to the end of the movie, add a keyframe with and modify this position. As shown in the image below ....

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Cheap Cycling Jersey's from Ebay

The cost of a good quality Lycra cycling Jersey made in NZ can start at $130.00NZ and after my last Jersey only lasted 1 season, I thought I would try a Polyester Jersey purchased from Ebay. The 1st Jersey, a long sleeved Mersteyo actually felt good while out on a cycle ride, so I decided to buy another. To me, polyester doesn't cling or constrict as much as lycra, I find these very comfortable. Kind of like a normal outdoor sports jersey but geared towards cycling culture. The Mersteyo $27.30NZ free delivery, the Cannondale $16.00NZ +$3.90NZ postage. In both cases it took about 1month to arrive and I'm ok with that. I saw the water bottle cages and at a couple of bucks why not get 2 :)

The Cannondale is currently my favorite Jersey.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Linux Mint: Create Time Lapse Video from JPG's 
Input Device
Dazzne P2 Action Camera: Continuous Capture Mode
duration      =8.0MP @ 2 sec per frame (2sec 5sec 10sec)
image (4:3)  =3,264x2,448 @ size=2.1MB ave (no 16:9 setting)
battery        =2hrs 40mins

for a 25fps video: image count =((duration x videolength)/jpg_per_sec)
duration:2 sec_per_jpg:50 videolength:20secs timecalc:2000secs timeact:33.4mins imagecount:500 space:1.5GB videosize:9.3MB

duration:2 sec_per_jpg:50 videolength:30secs timecalc:3000secs timeact:50.0mins imagecount:750 space 1.57GB

duration:2 sec_per_jpg:50 videolength:1min timecalc:6000secs timeact:100.0mins(1hr 42mins) imagecount:1500 space 3.15GB

I would allow an extra 3mins and then delete excess jpgs both front and end. So for a 20sec timelapse video, set the camera and start shooting in continuous mode (2 spf) for 36mins, in post edit just use 500 jpgs and run the bash scripts as shown below.

Open a terminal in the folder that contains the series of JPG's
Paste/copy each line individually, wait until each process has completed.

for i in $( ls *.JPG); do convert -resize x1080 $i re_$i; done
resize all images in current folder to height of 1080p while keeping aspect ratio renaming in process. I prefer 720p because I'm not too fussed with quality, but it is more noticeable how clear the resulting 1080p video turns out.

for i in $( ls *.JPG); do convert -resize x1440 -crop 1920x1080+0+220 $i re_$i; done
use this line instead if you wish to produce a 1920x1080p video. You will lose cropped sections top and bottom so make sure you allow for this during setup.

mencoder "mf://re_*.JPG" -mf fps=25:type=jpg -ovc x264 -o "TimeLapse.MP4"
create H264 25fps MP4 video based on the newly created resized images

find . -name "re_*" -type f|xargs rm -f
identify all temporary resized images then delete them


Try this [----- pklaus bash script -----] , works really well. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it modifies the original jpgs and you cannot get back the original size. I'm so disappointed the Dazzne P2 doesn't have a 16:9 setting, but I can only use what I have at hand.

Cycle Ride 20Feb17 Round the Bays Wgtn NZ

With the upcoming TriAbility Event, my brother entered this Cigna round-the-bay challenge in Wellington NZ on Sunday. I decided to meet up with him for support and walk the last 5km. It turned out to be a fantastic day.

Note, instead of normally using the handlebar mounted action camera (Dazzne P2) all footage was recorded on my handheld Sony HDR-CX405.

Home Repair 17MAY17 Methven Leaking Tap

Shocking week, TV stopped working (only 4 months old) luckily we got a free replacement. The kitchen sink cold water tap started leakin...