Friday, 18 May 2018

Cutting and Merging 2 Clips in Bash

Lets say you have a prank compilation and you only want to keep 2 specific cuts.

1 Cutting Clip
ffmpeg -ss <start time> -i original.mp4 -to <duration in seconds> cut.mp4
example: ffmpeg -ss 00:03:02 -i original.mp4 -to 0:33 cut.mp4

2 Merge
mencoder file1.mp4 file2.mp4 -ovc copy -oac pcm  -o merged.mp4

Both cuts need to be taken from the same original video

Opochtli is Now Being Streamed Live on Twitch

I wasn't to sure if this would work being a text only game, when streamed as a 720p video until I actually found a great font that works well. I think having a 60fps upload makes the text a lot more clearer.

Learning how to use OBS Studio and creating a Twitch Overlay with Gimp was a great creative learning experience.

If you ever see me on Aardwolf, it's also streamed live to Twitch

I doubt I'll get any followers as Aardwolf is not an exciting game to watch.


Looking through what people stream on Twitch, there are some streamers that do IRL streams which really brings up some very important ideas I have planned for the future.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Discord & Twitch, What Are These & Can I Use Them ?

So yesterday I installed Twitch, why ? well not really sure but my grandson said he streams on Twitch. And now that it's installed he won't give me his Stream name, which is probably a good thing, I'd hate to see him play because I don't want to see my angelic wonderful grandson turn into a demon right on my monitor.

In the mean time I get to learn what Twitch is, how to buy BITS (not sure what this does but I can cheer streamers with it) example - cheer10 hello. For the curious it costs $2.50NZ for 100 bits.

I think I can use this platform, not to stream games but to stream me constructing various stages of electronic projects. It may be possible to complete a whole project, I've seen some streamers go well over 5 hours in 1 session. To make this work it would have to be done on a strict schedule; ie 1 stream a week.

This one I am really excited about. Long before the WWW era, I lived my life online in the age of IRC, and this Discord claims to be similar. I was extremely pleased this works with Linux Mint and if you've ever had a IRC server with a Channel BOT, you can see how similar discord is.

This image shows the main program running on Linux Mint, briefly create your own channels, user roles etc etc. I've even added a free BOT from

I'm still fine tuning this and fast track learning how to use the setup and so far, I'm impressed. As you can see I've added the Discord widget onto my blog, which displays who's currently online on my Discord Server.

Just in case you haven't noticed, my handle on these platforms is JustABlokeNZ

Really excited about this!

Saturday, 12 May 2018

USO Fresh Ride, Destination Pukerua Bay, Didn't Make it.

One of our worst group rides to date, 1 dropped chain, 2 tube replacements, 2 tire wall failures (1 was mine as seen in attached photo) and with the possibility of heavy rain, there was only 5 of us on this ride. In fact it turned to be a nice ride, cloudy, very little wind and no rain.

Due to the mechanical faults we cut our ride short.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Aardwolf: Back into the fray!

It's been a while and I'm still amazed how well I can complete quests! There are some new areas and a new feature which suits me really well OPK (open player kill). With my current build I doubt anyone would be silly enough to attack me.

Todays blessing gave me a bonus instinct in knife fighting, useful for my character.

 Instinct Notes:

* In almost all cases, the over 100% bonus is not a direct percentage. 
  It is also on a curve with diminishing returns. 
  (For example, 100 points of instinct might add a 20% bonus damage,
  while 200 points adds 30% total.)

* Instinct is remembered across tiers and remorts; you only ever have to
  buy it once.

* Instinct is only useful in an ability that you can actually use.
  It is not a way to have access to skills usually unavailable.  If you
  lose access to a skill because you tiered or changed class, your
  instinct amount is still remembered and will become active whenever
  you have that skill available again.

* Instinct is not used on spells cast from objects- only when cast
  naturally or when equipment grants an effect (like Haste effect from
  Aardwolf Boots).

* Instinct can provide a bonus for either spells or equipment that
  give a certain effect. For example, both the Aardwolf Boots of
  Speed and the Accelerate spell provide the haste effect, and both
  benefit equally from instinct in Haste. In the case of the Boots of
  Speed, a player is treated as if they have 100% skill level in Haste
  while the boots are equipped, and instinct gives bonuses accordingly.

  The same applies to sanctuary, dual wield, and protection good/evil.

* The max instinct you can gain in a single ability is 200.

* Only trains gained since your last rebuild may be used on instinct
  (see 'help instinct-trains').

* You can 'rebuild' instinct in either a single skill or all at once.
  There is a rebuild cost of 2% of the gold/trains put into instinct, with
  a max cost of 5000 trains / 50m gold when using the "all" option. The
  gold and trains returned from an instinct rebuilding are considered
  deposited and can only be used on instinct.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

USO Fresh Ride Eastbourne

Another enjoyable ride, I'm well used to going down this route. There are some places where the road doesn't allow a car and a cycle to be side by side, luckily most drivers are patient and give us preference until they can pass safely.

As you will see in the video, my nick name has been determined - Tarantino. I'm just grateful it wasn't Dumbledore or Gandalf.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Snow in Wainuiomata ?

Clearing out some hard drive space I came across this small video. I have no idea what I used to create this, most likely a mobile phone so the quality is poor. Still it's proof that strange things can happen and I thought I'd upload it anyway :-)

Sunday Ride Whitemans Valley

All night it rained and Sunday morning it was a hit and miss whether to go out on a Cycle Ynui so we canceled it. Typically as the day progressed, the clouds disappear, the wind drops, so mid-day Iha and myself decided to ride into Wellington city. Invited a few people to come along at short notice so when we parked at the Woburn Railway Station we realized it was only going to be the 2 of us.

It was at this point I decided we should try Whitemans Valley, Upper Hutt. Neither of us have ever cycled over there and it is a favorite training route of my brother (who rides the Taupo Challenge). So we rode up to his place in Trentham and he gave us advice on which starting route to start out with.

Up and over Walliceville Hill, turn right at the intersection, straight on until we hit Blue Mountains Rd on the right, over the hill then into Pinehaven, Silverstream.

Really enjoyed this ride, somehow I need to work this into a regular routine, maybe do it once a month. Going up Walliceville Hill was a brilliant hill climb workout, not too steep but a good manageable distance I reckon USO Fresh could handle (possibly). Going down Blue Mountains Rd is a different matter LoL steep, long and windy. Feathering the breaks is a must and I doubt I would even attempt this if there was any sign of moisture on the road. Interesting enough, we saw a lot of cyclists going up this way, I know I'm not quite ready for that yet. Chances are the USO elite ride up here on a weekly basis.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Mounting UFS HDD in Linux Mint

I haven't used FreeNAS in a while so I thought I would try and re-use some of the hard drives (HDD) assigned to this setup.

The problem is, the hard drive partitions are formatted using the UFS standard which Linux Mint cannot use. My computer with Linux Mint uses the EXT4 standard.

Thankfully there is a BASH work around, Linux will READ but cannot write to these drives. So here I used a HDD docking station -

Bash command:-
 sudo mount -t ufs -o ro,ufstype=ufs2 /dev/sdc2 /mnt/
Now I can read/copy the files to another location before reformatting the drive with ext4 (or FAT32 for windows).

Hindsight ... I really need to rebuild a new NAS setup .. pref with an i5 intel processor and 4x 4TB HDD's.

USO Whanau Ride

I really enjoyed this ride, not only getting to meet a few seasoned USO members with their families, but was surprised to connect with new riders from Lower Hutt and Wainuiomata. Wellington is famous for it's wind and rain we never got it on this day.

This Endomondo image includes our ride out from Hikoikoi Reserve, Petone and along the Wellington SH1 motorway.


Making video content has become an issue, due to the fact I wish to hold onto the originals, which take up a lot of hard drive space. For example, this 1080p50 video is only 896MB (pre-youtube upload 4min25sec), created from a folder containing all footage, GPS information totaling 37.5GB (1hr44mins).

Does one upload to youtube then delete all originals/edited versions knowing that one day youtube will cease, and moment in time will be gone forever.

3 possible solutions come to mind.:-
  • buy hard drives to store only original content (creating edited version to upload to social media platforms  is easy to do). Using these hard drives in a docking station makes them a permanent storage solution, there is always that possibility they still can fail.
  • Use an on-line cloud storage service, if I went this route it would probably be , from 200GB at 4.99euro/month $8.50NZ/month to 8TB at 29.99euro/month $50.95NZ/month. This is not cheap.
  • Only keep the edited version, delete all originals. This is the practical solution and easily affordable. From a creative point of view, as time goes by, my editing/creative skills will improve and it would be nice to revisit some old videos and give them a new make over. Actually I'm going to do this shortly, I have kept all the original raw files from an Ironmaori ride in 2015.
It would've been nice to have uploaded this on the day, but it took me this long to free up some space to allow editing. I'm already way behind, Oh well LoL

Sunday, 22 April 2018

USO Fresh Ride (yesterday): Porirua to Johnsonville

Enjoyed this ride now that I'm getting used to this route. We added a little bit more to the ride going up Raiha Street before heading on back to the Cafe.

While out in Porirua we got to visit the new re-opening of the Torpedo7 Cycle store. Some really nice outfits in there and on sale (still expensive).

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USO Fresh Ride Eastbourne

Another enjoyable ride, I'm well used to going down this route. There are some places where the road doesn't allow a car and a cyc...